Finland here we are March 2018

We're in Finland!

Stuart saw snow for the first time in his life. It was amusing to notice how special that can be. He strutted around in his uggs in the snow and marveled at how cold snow is. My dad took him to Savonlinna to our summer cottage to drop the snow from the roof and try out skiing, walking on the ice, and driving a quad in snow. It was a huge change to come from the +36 degrees of Australia to the -30 degrees of Savo. Ice fishing coveralls were a good outfit in those freezing temperatures.

We also spent time at my parents' place in Ryttylä. We went to the store with Penny placed in a sled and met relatives. Everyone adored Penny, she is nowadays such a cheerful little miss.

Ilta-Sanomat took us to Kuusijärvi in Vantaa for a swim through a hole in the ice. I was doubled over laughing when Stuart lowered himself down the steps into the hole in the ice with an Australian flag on his shoulders. He has a stupid sense of humor. The first thing he checked after getting out of the water was if his balls were still there. The hole in the ice was a big opening sawed into the ice on the lake and there was a huge amount of people swimming. The smoke sauna crowned the trip. I told him that mothers in Finland used to give birth in smoke saunas. All these experiences were very special for Stuart.

Penny's naming celebration was on Sunday. We didn't want to baptize her into the church books so a friend of the family, priest Mikko Aalto, blessed her and the party went without any snake bites at the Ace Corner in Lahti. Our last visit there was our wedding party, where a python bit the back of my neck. So interesting memories. On Saturday before the party, we went to see the Salpausselkä ski jump competition and I took Stuart snowboarding with Pasi. He laughed and was amused when everyone danced the head-shoulders-bottom-knees-toes dance at the competition site to keep ourselves warm. Since in Australia you're usually searching for fans or sunshades at outdoor events.

After the naming celebration, we took off on a family cruise to Stockholm. I thought it would be nice to show Sweden during the same trip.

Out trip as a family continues in Finland for one more week, let's see what exciting things are still in store. Stuart will head home mid-month and I'll stay on with Penny for the rest of the month.

Whole trip has been so easy now that Penny sleeps with her teddy Whisbear that makes white noise. Our teddy we found from here
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