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Our experiences from Canada and New York

This blog I will tell u guys our trips to Canada and New York. I got lazy so all the pics are in the end. Videos from our journey www.facebook.com/thebondsfamily007 Our flight landed early in the morning to Calgary airport. We had rented a house for our entourage. Stuart was the best man at his friend’s wedding and we spent the week with the parents of the groom and a couple of friends. The house was located right near downtown Calgary. The two-week Stampede festival was taking place in town. They say it’s the largest outdoor event in the world. Cowboy hats, an amusement park, bands and different food booths invite people from around the world. We went around the festival and tasted all kinds of deep-fried treats, like hamburgers, ice cream, cheese, marshmallows, Oreo cookies...who deep-fries Oreos? Apparently the Canadians... We rented a car and drove to a town called Banff in the mountains. The city was a tourist trap, beautiful with its Alpine restaurants and villas. The place