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Egypt was an absolut shock

Egypt was a shock We landed in the desert in the morning and took an uber to the hotel that was 74 km away, right next to the pyramids. The largest pyramid could be seen from our balcony and its surface looked different at different times of the day. Our hotel was the five star Marriot Mena House. The pool department and food as well as the service were top notch. Everything else was a whole different story. In the morning, we began walking with the stroller in the heat to the pyramid gates which were right next to our hotel. There was a general store at the gates and dozens of Egyptian men buzzing around with their varying propositions. Everyone wanted to sell something and discuss the prices. Their need to touch Penny’s hair and hands was distressing. I had hand disinfectant in the stroller and cleaned her hands often to avoid her catching germs, who knows what the hygiene level among the locals is. Friendly people turned angry and disappointed in a flash if you didn’t buy the th

Our experiences from Canada and New York

This blog I will tell u guys our trips to Canada and New York. I got lazy so all the pics are in the end. Videos from our journey www.facebook.com/thebondsfamily007 Our flight landed early in the morning to Calgary airport. We had rented a house for our entourage. Stuart was the best man at his friend’s wedding and we spent the week with the parents of the groom and a couple of friends. The house was located right near downtown Calgary. The two-week Stampede festival was taking place in town. They say it’s the largest outdoor event in the world. Cowboy hats, an amusement park, bands and different food booths invite people from around the world. We went around the festival and tasted all kinds of deep-fried treats, like hamburgers, ice cream, cheese, marshmallows, Oreo cookies...who deep-fries Oreos? Apparently the Canadians... We rented a car and drove to a town called Banff in the mountains. The city was a tourist trap, beautiful with its Alpine restaurants and villas. The place

They didn't let me in to QLD Casino

100 day social media strike ended on May 21st! At first I thought I would go through symptoms of withdrawal, but to my surprise, I didn't even miss it. On the other hand, I did miss a lot of things and events in my friends's lives, as I wasn't on track with what's going on with everyone. I felt more free in my own life. I want to thank everyone for their support and understanding. Thank you for letting me be offline. Now I can be reached again. I was more present in life and experiences when I wasn't looking at things through the lens of a camera. Coffee and discussions with friends passed without continuous interruptions to check my phone. I was less stressed and I could even say happier. I didn't lose anyone from my life, I was still in continuous contact with my friends via messenger, I just didn't share anything about myself on social media. Peace returned to everyday life and it felt like there were more hours in the day. It was wonderful to come an

Vegas baby

In Vegas with the baby I thought that the trip to Las Vegas would be difficult, taking into account that we have a small child with us. Five days went by in a flash and we had so much fun! Of course we couldn’t go play at the casinos nor party, but we did all kinds of other cool stuff. We stayed in a suite at The Venetian. We got a crib for Penny. The room was huge. There was a casino downstairs and the restaurants were open day and night. The pool area was on the fourth floor. We had enormous jet lag for the first days, all of us. Penny developed a pattern of sleeping from 03.00 to 10. That didn’t really bother us because the city was buzzing with life around the clock. We walked along Las Vegas Boulevard and looked at people and lights. People admired our happy baby and we got caught talking with everyone. The shops were full of stuff to buy but because we’re only at the start of our journey, we had a budget for Vegas. We drove five hours both ways to the Grand Canyon. We sto