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What is Woke?

    Objection to the ”Woke”  LGBTIQA+  movement. If I would get reasonable and proper studied answers about  LGBTIQA+  Woke and it’s plan. Statistics and medical benefit on cutting and giving hormones to children by their own request, under the age of 18.  When I been questioning this matter. I have only got hate, rejected on social media and now again shadow banned. If this woke was legit thing it would be open to discuss right?   The Woke movement does not promote equality between women or men in many respects, and certainly not the rights of children/young people to healthy mental development. I am Finnish so few of my studies are based on Finnish researches.    When is the right and appropriate time to bring up Woke as a topic of discussion?   It is the adults' own decision to be what they want, or feel they are. Changing the body in adulthood is everyone's  own  business. This issue is not and should not be a headache for children/teenagers.   The public's opinion has

I was a transgender child

  Don’t judge me for reading the title. Read the whole story. While following the media and news going around about trans children, all kinds of thoughts about the subject have come to my mind. I was trans child myself. I grew up as being a boy most of my childhood. And prayed God to give me boys genitals that’s how serious I was of wanting to be a boy. My parents supported me thrue it all.  I don't have anything against the decisions of others. I respect every humanbeign as they are. Truly. Every adult can make their own decisions about their body or how they raise their children. I got Absolutely nothing against Trans people nor trans kids. I was one.  Everyone has a choise to their own life.  I don't judge anyone based on their decisions. Everyone surely tries to do their best as parents as adults. Human rights are for everyone.  My story is just one example of this theme. Please let kids be kids and offer the help later in their life if needed. A child cannot be in charge o