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Thoughts of being proud

Being proud  is not a negative thing My dress Muotiputiikki Helmi  With my baby in my arms, I've been thinking about pride, what it is and why it's often seen as a negative trait? Is it for example wrong to feel proud of your own child, or of having had a child? Or is it for example wrong to say aloud that you are proud of your own choices and actions in your own life, or is that seen straight away as boasting and flaunting? And if so, why? In my opinion, especially in Finnish culture, pride is often equated with arrogance. It's wrong to say you're proud of yourself or your achievements without being labelled as arrogant or uppity. "He who has happiness should hide it" or "pride preceeds a fall" are sayings that Finnish youngsters get to hear from childhood. Do happiness and joy have to be hidden from others? Why? Does your own joy and happiness take someone else's away and does it make others feel bad? You would think that downpl

Story of our difficult pregnancy until having a baby

Suomeksi blogi löytyy tästä linkistä Everyone who has followed our story in my blogs and the media knows that my husband Stuart never wanted to become a father. He married me happy that I could never get pregnant (as I had been told at an infertilility clinic in Helsinki). So what a surprise when in the new year 2017 I became pregnant and when I did the test on 2.2., our whole relationship changed permanently. The urine test showed two lines and my heart wept for joy and at the same time enormous fear mixed with rage. The rage was a reaction to already having given up hope of ever having a child, our relationship was so well balanced, and we had planned our future. I knew we would drift apart because Stuart had made his stance about having kids of his own very clear. I was happy about this alone throughout the pregnancy. Our relationship became cold and distant just because Stuart was unable to process it any other way, let alone change his stance throughout the entire pregnan