Thoughts of happiness

Thoughts on happiness

I've been thinking about what I could write about to be left at peace without media hype. I don't really know how I ended up in the spotlight that I've been in for the past couple years. Has it benefited me in any way? Not really. I haven't pushed myself towards it and therefore haven't also used it to gain anything. I use that spotlight to pass on good and good values. The media follows our life frantically, apparently due to the interesting story as well as the raw authenticity that I tell it with. In the end, our life surely isn't any more wonderful than anyone else's.

Being present in the media so often is not my own decision. I write this blog mainly as a memory for myself and to unload pent-up or surfacing feelings. I get a lot of support through my blog and stories from different types of people. Thank you for those. It's apparent that my blog gives support and strength to many other people. I've been battling in waves of fatigue and overperkiness almost for 3 months now. How I feel at any given moment can change with a snap of the fingers. These mood swings are really tough on myself and also our relationship. All of this stress and fatigue that I'm now going through in my life is not helped by me being aware that I'm getting enemies and being bad mouthed in social media. However, it doesn't sting as bad as it did a few years ago. Back then I would have broken down in this torrent.

The flipsides of social media

Talking of social media, I can share my own opinion of whether it's the right place for children, let alone even adults. Headlines seem to surprisingly often tell stories of teen suicides that were affected in large part by online bullying in social media. Is it therefore a place that children must belong to and if it is, then why? Of course there's a lot if good, but is it worth all the bad? I know for sure that our child won't be on any social media sites until she's a more mature teenager. I am under no circumstances going to let my child open social media channels for herself. I'll protect her from it as long as possible. Her photos of course are on our pages, but she won't have permission to surf Facebook until she's old enough to understand what social media is - both the good and the bad. I don't really see any ways that my child would benefit from using it that she wouldn't get in life through personal contact with people. I'm not going to be my child's best friend, I'm going to be her protective parent and keep her safe from online bullying as long as I possibly can.

Take responsibility for your actions and be humble

The saying "out if sight, out of mind" applies here as well. Since I don't ever read any of the bad things written about me, I don't really think about it. Once in a while someone might complain about it to me or send me printscreens which I answer with: "don't send these to me in the future because this information is not useful to me and seeing this doesn't help me be a better person." Life is continuous self improvement. If you are humble enough to admit your mistakes and learn from those who are wiser, you'll get so much spiritual strength in your life and the courage to express yourself. If you help someone, help them sincerely. If you love someone, love them fully. If you dream of something, move towards your goal with considered steps. You are the master of your own life. You are responsible for your own actions and what you say. You have the right to be happy. Think of what you're starting and is it worth it, in both good and bad.
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Don't be afraid to live because bigger picture for your path has been already preordained. In the end, everything turns out alright and you'll notice that even those times you tripped led to something good. They say that for everything negative that happens in life, about half a year later you'll notice the reason why that had to happen, that you are now here and things have clicked into their new place and everything is fine again. It feels good to write positive sentences, they give strength to me as well. Funny how even one positive sentence can make you feel sunnier. So remember to say something positive once in a while to a passerby, you might leave a lasting impression. Life is remarkable. Take everything you can from it and remember: that which is your all might appear insignificant in someone else's eyes. Don't let that fool you because you are living life for yourself, not anyone else or their foolishness. Be strong and stay positive.

Xoxo Sini Ariell
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Translated from the original Finnish text by Stiina Rasimus-Sahari


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