Letter for my unborn daughter

I'm in love with you. I have been waiting for you all my life. They told me we will never meet but now you are on your way.
I felt you like little bubbles in my belly first. It felt like I was going to fart but nothing came out. You made me very sick thrue the whole pregnancy. I just vomited everyday. I think you knew how much I hated gym so you chose to help me lose that fat otherwise hey? Haha good job 8 kilos in 8weeks. Well it has all came back now. You made your own little unit inside my belly didn't you.
First great memory of you was when I saw you on the screen of week12 ultrasound.
You waved at me and I could see your profile. It felt like I could of recognised your face among million other.

Your father was shocked when he heard about your coming. He never planned kids in his life. You see everyone has the right to choose what they want or don't want in their lives. Your father thought he will be better off, little that he knew that his life was going to take massive leap into something totally new. I think you heard us talking about that the other night cause when you dad put his ear next to my belly you kicked it very hard and we both laughed.

Me and your dad are both eager to meet you and have you in our team. You will be the best person we have ever met. We will show you the world and how people have million different ways to live their lives. We will teach you as much as you want to learn about everything. We might have slightly different answers into things though. Your father usually think's he is right about everything but let's see. Maybe you will choose who has the best answer.
Oh You will be so exited to see what we have planned for you. We will teach you to be the best version of yourself, unique, loved and supported little child who will fight the windmills one day when you are ready. We will always support you, love you and encourage you to experience things in life. You will be awesome team player for us. You will show us the world in your own eyes, can't wait to see it!
Here u are 19 week old

It's like going on a blind date when I'm trying to think what you actually look like. I am waiting for you to arrive.
If you get genes from your father you will most likely be very good in sports. You will also have very strong mind and you will be smart in many ways. You will enjoy reading a lot of stuff of the things you get passionate about. You might struggle with spelling a bit but that will not change the fact that you wouldn't get your word out as streight as it can be said. You will be very outdoor and active. You might also be a bit of an outcast amongst other your age kids only because you will think a bit different and propably be interested of different things than kids your own age. You will be the most loyal and loving person for the people you choose to be. You will never try to please people you don't respect. You will most likely turn into a very smart and respected human being.

If you get most of your persona's genes from me, well. Then we are all fucked as your farher says. He think's he is funny.
You will be very artistic and loud child. You will be very unique in many ways. You find positive side on everything, if you are not hungry or tired. You will have a lot of friends, most of them good ones. You will draw a lot in your mind when you see things. You get energy by seeing something beautiful and you also get very easily distracted on everything if you suddenly see something more inspiring whilst doing something else.
You will dress yourself up everyday the way you feel like in the morning. There is no limits on what you come up with your looks. You will have passion to help other people even if it burns you out. You also want to make other people laugh with you. You will be very theatrical in many ways. Oh and yes. You will quite likely suck at math big time! Short temper will not help on learnong it eighter. Lol.
But as you see you will be awesome no matter what kind of genes you will have. We will love you just the way you are.

You refused to pose on this 4D ultasound selfie. You were asleep. As you woke up your mouth started to open n close. I asked the doctor "is she gasping for air?" Doctor told us you were talking by yourself there. Wish we could of heard u swearing. Lol. Seems like you are having your dad's mouth. 

We are now planning your room to our new house we are building. Your dad didn't draw it into the plan cause we never were suppose to have you. Doctors told me I will never have kids of my own, it wrecked my world. I cried many years over it. I was so eager to meet you and hold you. It is gods miracle to finally have you here soon.

This will be the view from our new house. We took our wedding photo in that very spot where we are now building the house. You will have your own quad bike, don't worry. 

Yes so you will have the biggest room in our house. Im planning to paint it black and white and paint some circus stuff in there. I hope you like it. If not just tell us and we can change it. But if your idea sucks then we might have a slight drama there. At the moment we will still live in our old house where your room will be pin-up pink and sugar skull themed. Hope that's ok for you.

And hey guess what. You will have awesome aunties and uncles. Well to be honest they are all a bunch of fucking weirdos. You just have to get used to it in time. You will love them all and they all will be there helping you in life.
We have chosen the best of the best and the most random unique personas to walk with you on your own journey. They all are very keen to get to know you!
We are having a before party for you. They call it baby shower. Don't ask why they call it shower, aren't you wet anyway in there? You might hear it inside my belly. They told me you can hear stuff in there, not sure if that's true or not. My mum told me I have to start singing to you, what would you like to hear? Or will you just kick if you don't like it?
Your crazy aunties Bec and Sarah has bought you heap of stuff. Look at your shoes!

Well anyway. Hope you are doing fine there and getting bit bigger and stronger for getting out on September.
We both love you very very much. And we try to get everything here sorted before you come. Stay safe and god bless my baby child. Talk to you soon!

Oh yeah I wrote this in English so your dad understands this also. He hasn't learnt Finnish yet so it means you and I will have our secret language together or maybe he will learn it from you.

With love Sini Ariell

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