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Sini goes politics

I would run to Finnish parliament if I lived in Finland.  These are the points I would  use to move things forward. Finland to separate from the EU. More decision-making power to the people on common matters and taxation. Better security and a better future for the elderly and poor. Better salaries in the health care sector. Respect for education. Tougher convictions for homicide and sex crimes. Close the borders and a tighter inspection of who has a right to come to safety in our country or as an immigrant. A trial period for refugees and immigrants. Finland belongs to Finns. We are a part of Europe but I don’t believe that the EU has anything more to give that we couldn’t get by without. Our country got on by itself for decades and I believe Finland has good negotiating skills and relationships with foreign countries without regulations, directives and statutes from the EU. Finland belongs to its own people and the people should again be able to decide abou