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Penny’s first year

Penny’s first year Suomeksi blogi löytyy täältä  https://tarjoukset.suomikasino.com/suomikasinon-blogi/ Yhteistyössä www. Disturb .fi www.honkajoenpanimo.fi www.suomikasino.com Penny turned one. Time just flew by like the wind here as well. You were a sweet but tearful baby. The first three months went by in a flash even though the hours during the night often felt like eternity. You had stomach pains, colic and reflux made you feel quite bad after each feeding. Around Christmas I began to be burned out, it can happen to any mother when you have to be awake all the time for over a year as well as take care of a small sick person. You spent New Year’s with grandma and grandpa at Carmen’s. I went to see the fireworks downtown. In January, you began to get stronger, eat solid foods and being more actively present. You began to make contact and reach for things. In February, I began working as a tattooist and you spent some days at our neighbor Jackie’s, who we call your Nan Jack.