Vegas baby

In Vegas with the baby

I thought that the trip to Las Vegas would be difficult, taking into account that we have a small child with us. Five days went by in a flash and we had so much fun! Of course we couldn’t go play at the casinos nor party, but we did all kinds of other cool stuff.

We stayed in a suite at The Venetian. We got a crib for Penny. The room was huge. There was a casino downstairs and the restaurants were open day and night. The pool area was on the fourth floor.

We had enormous jet lag for the first days, all of us. Penny developed a pattern of sleeping from 03.00 to 10. That didn’t really bother us because the city was buzzing with life around the clock. We walked along Las Vegas Boulevard and looked at people and lights. People admired our happy baby and we got caught talking with everyone. The shops were full of stuff to buy but because we’re only at the start of our journey, we had a budget for Vegas.

We drove five hours both ways to the Grand Canyon. We stopped in little towns and admired the nature. The desert was multicolored and the heat was within the danger zone limits. We saw lots of signs that stated that spending over 10 minutes in +50 degree heat is too long. It was like a sauna. We arrived at the canyon in the late afternoon when the temperature had dropped significantly. The views were breathtaking. The grandeur of the canyon was dumbfounding. We took wonderful photos with me in my Amadastore, Muotiputiikki Helmi and Disturb outfits. Penny also posed happily in Stuart’s lap.

Our flight from Las Vegas to Calgary was cancelled. We waited for about three hours at the airport, then an hour on the plane, after which we returned to the airport. We were transported to a disgusting motel. The air conditioning didn’t work and neither did the lights. The motel was just like out of an old movie where someone gets killed in the room and the body is hidden in the ice machine. We laughed at the whole episode while sitting in the lobby of the motel. We also got to know people from around the world who were on our flight. It was great to share the strange experience with them. I expected our room to have cheap Christmas lights and a round bed operated with a remote. Haha. The night was spent playing with Penny and in the morning at five we returned to the airport. The flight arrived in Calgary around noon and there we began our next destination, Canada.

Penny behaved really nicely during the whole Vegas trip and the flights didn’t seem to bother her too much.



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