Hanging on a drip on pregnancy week 34

The pregnancy has continued to be as difficult as it's been so far. I had some blood tests done last week and got the results this week. We stepped into the doctor's clinic at the hospital and the doctor directly sent me off to get a drip. They gave me iron, fluids and vitamins through an intravenous drip. Still 6 more weeks of hanging in there before the due date.

After almost an hour on the drip, a nice nurse gave me a donut and taped up the needle wound. I haven't been feeling any better since though. I hope I'll start feeling better soon. Luckily my mom is coming to stay with us in a month from now just before the baby.

The day before the drip, Wednesday, some pics were taken for an American magazine called Inked Angelz Magazine. I decided to get some work stuff done, as continuously lying in bed feeling sick started to get to me.

The results one can achieve with makeup were truly proven again. I had stayed up all night prior to the filming day, had slept from 06 to 07 in the morning. And I threw up just before the photos were taken. I and photographer laughed at the irony of it all. The pictures turned out nicely even though I felt really pained and bad the whole day.

The newest issue of the Finnish ELLE magazine came out yesterday which contained a short article about me and my body image.

Here's a link to the web version of the interview: http://www.elle.fi/ihmiset/sini-ariell/

To end off the day, we decided to relax with some black mud face masks that May Beauty gave me to try out. What an incredible skin cleanser! You can find their web pages and the whole product range here, -30% with the discount code: http://maybeauty.fi/sinimask

The mask was really easy to spread with a brush. It dried for about 30 minutes after which it was removed from the face.

All the gunk from the skin pores was left on the surface of the mask. I was super surprised, since social media is full of these mask videos. This worked wonderfully! Thank you!

With love Sini Ariell
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