Is it a boy or a girl? Baby Shower

Baby Shower! You can probably guess which one is on the way...

It was wonderful to notice how many of our friends support our life. 68 people had been invited to the baby shower, and 55 of those came.

The party was held at the Rugby Club which is dear to Stuart.

I baked Karelian pies and Finnish cinnamon buns, korvapuusti, for the party and the rest of the baked goods and treats were made by my mother-in-law and our neighbor, Jackie. All 70 Karelian pies were eaten by the way, the party crowd really liked them!
(Catering by Weddings at Mirannie Jackie Wales)


I was really tired all through the party, as I've been recently. My nausea has returned and the sleepless nights keep continuing due to my restless legs. Hemoglobin and iron as well as B12 were at low values, got an order to double. Otherwise I feel ok and in the meeting with the midwife they said that the baby is doing really well. My own weight has now gone down to what it was before the pregnancy, even though the tummy has grown at its own pace.The movements and kicks of the baby can really be felt now and it's easy to tell when the baby's awake.
Not nervous yet, I'm so exhausted. The due date is next month, how did this go so fast..?
Stuart was happy about the party and everyone seemed to support him a lot on this path to fatherhood. Maybe little by little it's becoming clear to him that soon our whole life will be changed dramatically and permanently, and that won't necessarily be such a bad thing but rather the beginning of a new chapter and a direction in the circle of life.


Stuart' parents Debbie and Tom.

As I said, I've been really tired and nauseous. Feeling terrible all the time and having your body just hang in there one day at a time toward the goal is not given an ounce of energy by the other half not giving a lot of positive support in the situation. Stuart of course tries to avoid negativity and stress, but the mood at home is still quiet and evasive. I'm happy about the baby and the pregnancy with my friends. With my own husband we mainly have very deep discussions about the many different aspects of the subject. I've told Stuart that he can bring the subject up as many times as he needs to and I will never judge his feelings or opinions. Sometimes he is fine with it and we really plan our family life, and other times he just retreats into his own thoughts and avoids the subject. I'm giving him time, there's really nothing else to do. I try not to pressure him about it. I myself went through an enormous mental process with childlessness and accepting it, so I can understand Stuart's varying moods.

I've never heard of someone in this exact situation, so I don't have any peer support or comfort from the stories of others. I've received encouraging emails from many Finnish women about situations where the starting point has also been a bit of a shock and everything has gone well, but that the other person is so radically against their own family is something I haven't heard of. By the way, thank you for all the encouraging messages!

Stuart had actually asked and planned to have a nip already in his twenties.  This gives some idea of how badly he really didn't want to become a father. Then he goes and marries a woman who has been diagnosed as childless, i.e. me, so the whole picture looked good for us both. You can therefore understand and support him in this process, which is very heavy to handle. Both for him and for me.


Bec Bushell organized the party and snapped all the pics. Thank you babe !

I believe that all will work out well once we get the baby in the world, and it remains to be seen what was the purpose of this great miracle for the future of our universe!

P.S. Feel free to read my other blog posts about how we let and how the beginning of the pregnancy went.


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