Just another crazy Saturday

Miss Pinup Australia asked me to join along

Me and Pixie Roberts/ founder Miss Pinup Australia

This years contestants at the backstage

Today was a fantastic day!

My restless legs let me sleep for six hours during the night and in the morning the trip to Sydney began. I’ve gotten to know Pixie Roberts, the founder of the Miss Pinup Australia competition and enterprise. She does Pinup with a lot of heart and we both have similar stories about this stuff and both of its sides. Pixie runs the competition on the scale of the whole of Australia and today I got to join the team.

The Jeans for Genes charity event was organized in Sydney’s Blacktown to gather funds for research and treatment of childrens’ and babies’ genetic disorders. The society is its own organization, Pixie just wanted to help them out by organizing a fundraising event with a fashion show and performances. I joined in the show with my tummy.



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